We make high-performance computing accessible to a wider class of users by providing tools, services and support to make software run faster and utilize all available computing platforms.

Faster | Scalable | Parallel

We help users redesign their software (or its critical parts) so that it becomes scalable and achieves the desired performance.

Adaptable | Plug-and-Execute

Our tools run parallelized code on all compute platforms: CPUs. GPUs. HW-Acceleratos, locally on in the Cloud.

Efficient | Full Utilization

We help users utilize what they payed for. They can benefit from HW resources they already have, locally, or those they rent, in the Cloud.

pFaces accelerates software and utilizes CPUs, GPUs, HW-Accelerators locally and in Cloud

About Parallall

Parallal is research project (with future plans for a start-up) established following to the success of the acceleration ecosystem pFaces. Currently, the contributors to Parallall are:
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

M. Khaled Mahmoud

M. Khaled Mahmoud

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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